An Explorer Icon: The Nautical Structures KB Series Cranes

Out of the Nautical Structures EZ Crane Series, the Knuckle Boom systems stand out as one of the most rugged and versatile options on the market. The KB Series cranes stow in a compact, out of the way, area and when fully deployed offer unmatched dexterity and Safe Working Load (SWL) capacity. This mix of compact stowing, functionality, and lifting capability have made the KB series a builder/designer/crew/client favorite option on Explorer style yachts for close to 20 years.

M/Y Marco Polo (now Dorothea III) conducting tender operations

Aside from the versatility and small stowing area featured on these cranes, a high point in the Nautical Structures design is that the KB Series can be loaded and functioned at any deployed position with zero restrictions. This unique feature means that the crane can be positioned to have multiple tenders arranged on deck, and they can all be deployed/retrieved with unmatched safety and ease of use.

M/Y I NOVA with full tender compliment

The Nautical Structures Knuckle Boom Cranes also feature our linear winch system, which allows for smooth and reliable operation. The non-fouling design runs nearly silent, as well as prevents the possibility of two-blocking the system and possibly damaging the cable. Freeing the user from the worries that typically come with drum-based winch systems.

M/Y Plan B during commissioning

Along with the Linear Winch technology that Nautical Structures employs, the KB series cranes also are available in a variety of class and flag-state certifications. Nautical Structures was the first crane manufacturer to gain SOLAS approval using the Linear Winch Technology as well. No matter what flag the vessel falls under, we have worked with and gained approvals for products from the most reputable classification bodies known in the yachting industry. We regularly have davits and cranes that meet with Lloyd’s Register SOLAS, MCA, ABS, LY3, and HOP classifications.

M/Y Scout: SOLAS/HOP Certified – launching SOLAS limo tender

If you would like to see how the Nautical Structures Knuckle Boom Crane series can expand the usability of your new-build or refit project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re available via email here, or get in touch via our contact form here.