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Integrated Dock Lift

Traveling Trolley

The Boat house, home of a 38’ Riva. The requirements were to build a Traveling Trolley to carry the Riva to the dock to be deployed by a Nautical Structures EZ-8000lb Knuckle Boom EX Crane.

Traveling Trolley
EZ-8000lb Knuckle Boom - EX Crane

Pictured here are the Traveling Trolley, Nautical Structures EZ-8000lb KB-EX Crane and the 38’ Riva. Both the Crane and Traveling Trolley are radio remote controlled and self propelled. The Trolley upon returning home automatically recharges its batteries.

For spontaneous, hassle-free boat launching, The Beachlauncher will save you time and trouble by transporting your boat in and out of the water in minutes with a wireless remote.

Beachlauncher is a patented, semi-submersible boat launch vehicle. Unlike a pier, dock, ramp, conventional boat trailer or boat railway, Beachlauncher adapts to fluctuating water levels and shorelines so you can launch in low water or at low tide.

The self-propelled vehicle crosses shoreline terrain including sand, stone, grapefruit-size rocks, silt and cobble. The Beachlauncher also handles inclines. With five models available, it can move a 10,000-lb. payload (including boat, fuel and cargo) up a 12% (8:1) soft, rocky/sandy slope or a 25% (4:1) hard surfaced, ramped slope. Individual results and shorelines may vary.

Each Beachlauncher is built to order and completely customizable to fit each individual need.

Model PWC-H

6 wheels drive. Capacity: two personal watercraft up to 3,000 lbs. and includes the Micro Remote Controlled with a 600 ft. range. 

Model 6000-H

10 wheels drive. Capacity: up to 6,000 lbs. Boat lengths 23 to 27 ft. and includes the Cedar Wood deck, stairs and  Magnum Remote controlled to a 600' range.

Model 4000-H

8 wheels drive. Capacity: up to 4,000 lbs. Boat lengths 16 to 24 ft. Includes Cedar Wood Deck, stairs and Magnum Remote controlled to 600 ft. 



12 wheels on six sets of rubber tracks. Capacity: up to 10,000 lbs. Boat lengths 23 to 32 ft. and customization for any application

Model Sport 4000

8 wheels drive. Capacity: up to 4,000 lbs. Boat lengths 16 to 23 ft. and includes the Magnum Remote controlled with  600 ft. range.

Custom Units